Avogadro  1.1.0
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Avogadro::ToolGroup Class Reference

Manager for GLWidget Tools. More...

#include <toolgroup.h>

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Public Slots

void setActiveTool (int i)
void setActiveTool (const QString &name)
void setActiveTool (Tool *tool)
void setMolecule (Molecule *molecule)
void writeSettings (QSettings &settings) const
void readSettings (QSettings &settings)
void removeAllTools ()


void toolActivated (Tool *tool)
void toolsDestroyed ()

Public Member Functions

 ToolGroup (QObject *parent=0)
 ~ToolGroup ()
void append (QList< Tool * > tools)
void append (Tool *tool)
ToolactiveTool () const
Tooltool (int i) const
const QList< Tool * > & tools () const
const QActionGroupactivateActions () const

Detailed Description

Manager for GLWidget Tools.

Donald Ephraim Curtis

This class is a collection of Tools which allow manipulation of the GLWidget area.

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Member Function Documentation

constant QActionGroup of all the tool select actions.
The active tool.

Referenced by Avogadro::GLWidget::setToolGroup().

void Avogadro::ToolGroup::append ( QList< Tool * >  tools)

Append the tool to the toolgroup.

References Avogadro::Tool::activateAction(), QObject::connect(), and setActiveTool().

void Avogadro::ToolGroup::readSettings ( QSettings settings) [slot]

Reset the toolgroup to it's original state.

void Avogadro::ToolGroup::setActiveTool ( int  i) [slot]
iindex of the tool to set active

References QList::size(), and tools().

Referenced by append(), and setActiveTool().

void Avogadro::ToolGroup::setActiveTool ( const QString name) [slot]
namethe name of the tool to set active (if it's found)

References Avogadro::Plugin::identifier(), QObject::name(), and setActiveTool().

void Avogadro::ToolGroup::setActiveTool ( Tool tool) [slot]
toolpointer to the tool to set active

References Avogadro::Tool::activateAction(), QAction::setChecked(), tool(), and toolActivated().

void Avogadro::ToolGroup::setMolecule ( Molecule molecule) [slot]
moleculepointer to the molecule tools in this group should use

References Avogadro::Tool::setMolecule().

Tool * Avogadro::ToolGroup::tool ( int  i) const
iindex of the tool to return
The tool at index i.

References QList::size(), and tools().

Referenced by append(), and setActiveTool().

void Avogadro::ToolGroup::toolActivated ( Tool tool) [signal]
toolthe activated tool

Referenced by setActiveTool().

const QList< Tool * > & Avogadro::ToolGroup::tools ( ) const
Constant list of the tools.

Referenced by setActiveTool(), and tool().

This signal is emitted when one or more tools are destoyed. (Happens when plugins are reloaded)

Referenced by append().

void Avogadro::ToolGroup::writeSettings ( QSettings settings) const [slot]

Write the settings of the GLWidget in order to save them to disk.

References QSettings::beginGroup(), QSettings::endGroup(), Avogadro::Plugin::identifier(), and Avogadro::Tool::writeSettings().

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