Avogadro  1.1.0
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Avogadro::PythonExtension Class Reference
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Public Slots

void dockWidgetDestroyed ()
bool paint (GLWidget *widget)

Public Member Functions

 PythonExtension (QObject *parent=0, const QString &filename=QString(""))
virtual ~PythonExtension ()
To python delegated functions
QString identifier () const
QString name () const
QString description () const
QList< QAction * > actions () const
QString menuPath (QAction *action) const
QUndoCommandperformAction (QAction *action, GLWidget *widget)
QDockWidgetdockWidget ()
void writeSettings (QSettings &settings) const
void readSettings (QSettings &settings)

Member Function Documentation

a list of actions which this widget can perform

Implements Avogadro::Extension.

References QObject::setParent().

A description of the plugin.

Reimplemented from Avogadro::Plugin.

References name(), and QObject::tr().

A QDockWidget associated with this extension
Use dockWidgets() instead. This function will return the first dockWidget in the dockWidgets() list or NULL in its default implementation.

Reimplemented from Avogadro::Extension.

References QObject::connect(), QObject::destroyed(), QObject::setObjectName(), and QDockWidget::windowTitle.

The unique, untranslated identifier for the plugin.

Implements Avogadro::Plugin.

QString Avogadro::PythonExtension::menuPath ( QAction action) const [virtual]
the menu path for the specified action

Reimplemented from Avogadro::Extension.

References QObject::tr().

The translated name of the plugin.

Implements Avogadro::Plugin.

References QObject::tr().

Referenced by description().

QUndoCommand * Avogadro::PythonExtension::performAction ( QAction action,
GLWidget widget 
) [virtual]
actionthe action that triggered the calls
widgetthe currently active GLWidget feedback to the user)
an undo command for this action

Implements Avogadro::Extension.

void Avogadro::PythonExtension::readSettings ( QSettings settings) [virtual]

read settings for this extension

settingssettings variable to read settings from

Reimplemented from Avogadro::Extension.

void Avogadro::PythonExtension::writeSettings ( QSettings settings) const [virtual]

save settings for this extension

settingssettings variable to write settings to

Reimplemented from Avogadro::Extension.

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