Avogadro  1.1.0
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Avogadro::PluginItem Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 PluginItem (const QString &name, const QString &identifier, const QString &description, Plugin::Type type, const QString &fileName, const QString &filePath, PluginFactory *factory=0, bool enabled=true)
int type () const
QString name () const
QString description () const
QString identifier () const
QString fileName () const
QString absoluteFilePath () const
bool isEnabled () const
PluginFactoryfactory () const
void setType (Plugin::Type type)
void setName (const QString &name)
void setIdentifier (const QString &id)
void setDescription (const QString &description)
void setFileName (const QString &fileName)
void setAbsoluteFilePath (const QString &filePath)
void setEnabled (bool enable)
void setFactory (PluginFactory *factory)

Member Function Documentation

The absolute file path

The plugin description (Draw, Stick, ...)

Referenced by setDescription().

The plugin filename (libdrawtool.so, libaligntool.dll, ...)

Referenced by setFileName().

The plugin unique, untranslated identifier

Referenced by setIdentifier(), and Avogadro::PluginManager::writeSettings().

Should the plugin be loaded

Referenced by Avogadro::PluginManager::writeSettings().

The plugin name (Draw, Stick, ...)

Referenced by setName().

The absolute file path

void Avogadro::PluginItem::setDescription ( const QString description)

Set the plugin description

References description().

void Avogadro::PluginItem::setEnabled ( bool  enable)

Should the plugin be loaded

void Avogadro::PluginItem::setFileName ( const QString fileName)

The plugin filename (libdrawtool.so, libaligntool.dll, ...)

References fileName().

Set the plugin unique, untranslated identifier

References identifier().

void Avogadro::PluginItem::setName ( const QString name)

Set the plugin name (Draw, Stick, ...)

References name().

void Avogadro::PluginItem::setType ( Plugin::Type  type)

Set the plugin type (engine = 0, tool = 1, extension = 2)

References type().

The plugin type (engine = 0, tool = 1, extension = 2)

Referenced by setType().

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