Avogadro::BoxControl Class Reference

#include <boxcontrol.h>

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Public Slots

void mousePressEvent (Point *point, QMouseEvent *event)
void mouseMoveEvent (Point *point, QMouseEvent *event)
void mouseReleaseEvent (Point *point, QMouseEvent *event)


void modified ()

Public Member Functions

 BoxControl ()
 ~BoxControl ()
void addPrimitives ()
void removePrimitives ()
bool isModified () const
void setModified (bool value)
void setOppositeCorners (const Eigen::Vector3d &p1, const Eigen::Vector3d &p2)
Eigen::Vector3d min ()
Eigen::Vector3d max ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Avogadro::BoxControl::BoxControl (  ) 


Avogadro::BoxControl::~BoxControl (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

void Avogadro::BoxControl::addPrimitives (  ) 

Add (show) the point & line primitives to the current GLWidget.

void Avogadro::BoxControl::removePrimitives (  ) 

Remove (hide) the point & line primitives to the current GLWidget.

bool Avogadro::BoxControl::isModified (  )  const [inline]

Return true if the user has modified the box by dragging one of the points.

void Avogadro::BoxControl::setModified ( bool  value  )  [inline]

Set the modified flag to value.

void Avogadro::BoxControl::setOppositeCorners ( const Eigen::Vector3d &  p1,
const Eigen::Vector3d &  p2 

Set the box based on two opposite corners.

p1 Corner one.
p2 Corner two.

Eigen::Vector3d Avogadro::BoxControl::min (  )  [inline]

Get the minimum position (corner one).

Eigen::Vector3d Avogadro::BoxControl::max (  )  [inline]

Get the maximum position (corner two).

void Avogadro::BoxControl::modified (  )  [signal]

This signal is emitted when the user changes the box by dragging one of the points.

void Avogadro::BoxControl::mousePressEvent ( Point point,
QMouseEvent *  event 
) [slot]

void Avogadro::BoxControl::mouseMoveEvent ( Point point,
QMouseEvent *  event 
) [slot]

void Avogadro::BoxControl::mouseReleaseEvent ( Point point,
QMouseEvent *  event 
) [slot]

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