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This page contains all the tutorials which should help you get using Avogadro efficiently.

Step-By-Step Walkthroughs

Opening files, navigation, render settings
Drawing, adding/removing hydrogens, editing atom coordinates, geometry optimization
Delete, copy/paste, operating on selections
Selecting, enabling, configuring how molecules are displayed
Changing bond length, angles, and dihedrals
Viewing output from quantum chemistry programs
Drawing structures with a SMILES string
Drawing and editing peptide structures
Working with crystals
AutoOptimize, optimize geometry, and friends
Which force field to use, commonly made mistakes, tips, etc.
Using constraints
Manipulating molecules in Avogadro, using the Python console

Video Tutorials

Advanced Walk-Throughs

Building a polythiophene unit cell for Gaussian (or other) calculation.
Building molecules with Avogadro for GAMESS-US calculations.
Tutorials for Avogadro from Jan Jensen's Molecular Modeling Basics blog
Running GAMESS-US calculations with Avogadro